Round 5 – Day 1 vs Day 10


10 Day Transformation Round 5 Day 10 Complete

Good afternoon everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 5 Day 10 and I weighed in at 198.9 pounds for a 1 day loss of .8 pounds, a 10 day loss of 13.6 pounds and since prep (2 day prep) I am down 16.6 pounds. Yet another successful 10-Day Transformation Cleanse for me. I am a whole pound below my goal weight of 199.9 and have the recipe for continued success. I think I have gotten rid of most of my remaining fat and will burn off the rest as I build muscle. Yesterday I ran around like a maniac preparing for a party we are hosting for my best friend Anthony who also finished his 10 Day Transformation Cleanse today on this, his birthday!

Anthony is celebrating his 37th birthday down 14 pounds and over 10 inches from his 10 Day Vacation from terrible foods. The best part of Anthonys cleanse? The lifestyle change. Bad habits have been broken. Coffee is by the wayside. He is sleeping better than he has in years and he is on the fast track to being healthy and happy. The menu for today is organic veggie platters for appetizers with organic hummus, organic veggie dips, salad, fruits, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, and wild caught salmon. We are celebrating in style!

Remember that you cannot go back and start a new beginning but you can start TODAY and make a new ending!!!
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Round 5 Day 3

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