10 Day Transformation – Round 5 Day 1 Complete

Here we go again. This morning is the end of Round 5 Day 1. I did the standard 2 day prep before this cleanse and weighed in at 215.4 on Tuesday morning to start my prep. Yesterday morning was the start of my cleanse and I weighed in at 212.5 so I lost 2.9 pounds in 2 days of prep. Today marks the end of day 1 and I weighed in at 210.5 so I lost 2 pounds on day 1.

My plan is working perfectly. I have put on over 10 pounds of muscle during the last month and shred off about 5 pounds of fat during that time. The goal of this cleanse is to uncover all of those muscles I built up during this time by shredding off my remaining (aggravating) fat that I am working SOOOO hard to get rid of. Making a lifestyle change is easy if you do it for the right reason and have a goal. My reason is to be there for my family 40 years from now and do whatever it takes right now to get myself off on the right foot on that journey. Some people say what I am doing is unrealistic because going out to eat and drinking is life. LOL. Sure its some peoples lives. People that dont look like Jack LaLanne when they are 80. Not this guy.

In life we make choices and we are forced to live with them. Will I feel bad in 10 years when more people I know have died?…sure I will. If any of those people decided to make a lifestyle change today could they possibly prevent their untimely demise…OF COURSE they could. Saying living the lifestyle I am living isn’t “real” or isnt “possible with my social schedule” is flattering. It lets me know that my priorities are where they belong. For some, being seen and going out to eat and drinking is a priority. For me, its my health and my family. Steam room time.

I will have updates from the boys later today.


There is no better day to take control of your destiny than today…