So today marks the beginning of my 3rd cleanse. I am super pumped. I never feel as good as I do while solely living on these organic products. I have seen so many of you successfully complete 10 Day Transformations and the results are nothing short of amazing. One friend lost 15.6 lbs in her 10 days, 2 dress sizes, and just ordered another 10 day to get down to her college playing weight (soccer) and below! I have another friend that lost over 12 lbs and the visual difference in him is nothing short of spectacular. Many of you have asked me about what this entails and I have given as much information to each and every one of you that I possibly can. To be honest, results speak for themselves. I am a product of the product. Over a dozen of you have ordered your transformation in the last 3 days because you have seen the results. Some of you are already fit and want to take your physique to the next level. Some of you just want to lose the beer belly, and some of you want to lose baby weight. No matter what the reason, the 10 Day transformation WILL make you lose 10 or more pounds in 10 days and its not a starvation or dehydration diet. You will be drinking over 120 ounces of water per day while ingesting 100% organic, gmo free, vegan, gluten free nutrition. Your body will thank you.

Between my last cleanse and this one, i exercised, ate 100% clean every day (i had a power shake for breakfast, organic veggies and organic proteins for lunch, and organic veggies and organic proteins for dinner) and put on good clean muscle. I am seeing my numbers on the scale climb but my clothes fit the same. This is amazing. I wanna go next level so I am going to “transform” all the way down to very low fat and then build up muscle. Yes I am on my third transformation…do you know what that tells me?? It tells me I was way overweight. Those BMI charts we all think are bogus because even the most fit people seem obese on those charts..guess what…those charts don’t allow for the unnatural weight gains that GMOs provide. I am 6’4″ and at 216 lbs where I was this morning the BMI chart says I am overweight. I need to be below 202 lbs to fall into the very extreme top of the “normal” range. I still have fat on me. I am about to lose it. 185 isnt a bad weight to get down to before putting on good lean muscle. With that said, I am off to the races on my third cleanse. I am super excited to see the results. I am going to ask those that have transformed with me to see if I can share their stories, measurements, how they felt, etc. I want to educate anyone who happens upon this page on the benefits of good clean nutrition. Summer is almost here. Bathing suit weather is about to be upon us. Are you ready? Do you want to be? If so I will give any one of you a $50 Gift Card towards your transformation. All you have to do is click here and you will be on your way