10-Day Celebrity Transformation Round 4 Day 4 Complete

Good evening everyone! So this morning was my weigh in for day 4 and I am happy to report that I was down .25 pounds from yesterday. Weight training and losing weight at the same time with low body fat is a CHORE! I stuck to the program perfectly for the day.
Here is my food intake for the day:


Day 4 Food summary

7:00 7 MAPS and 2 astaxanthin
9:30 Power shake
11:30 7 maps
12:30 1/4 avocado and 1/2 cucumber
2:00 Power shake
4:30 7 maps
6:00 Power shake
7:30 Steamed veggies
9:30 Apothe Cherry and 2 astaxanthin
I weighed in at 207.7 this morning and I took it easy all day yesterday to finish recovering from the working out I had done in prior days. The day of rest was much needed and I feel fantastic once again! I have a lot of your reaching out about getting started to remember to message me on Facebook and I can get you going!!
Until tomorrow!


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