10-Day Celebrity Transformation Round 4 Day 3 Complete

This was far and away the hardest day i have had in any of my 4 Transformations so far. Having worked out Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday every muscle group in my body was sore and screaming for protein.
Here is my workout schedule and food intake for the day:


Day 3 Food and workout summary

7:30- 7 MAPs and 2 astaxanthin
8:30- Gym Session

  • 30 minutes of stretching
  • 10 sets decline sit-ups (15 reps)
  • 3 sets hanging knee raises(15 reps)
  • 30 mins cardio shadowboxing etc in steam room
    10:00- Power Shake with 8.8ph alkaline water and 7 MAPs
    11:30- 7 MAPs
    12:15- Organic cucumber and hummus
    2:00- Power Shake with 8.8ph alkaline water and 7 MAPs
    2:45 veggie roll with seaweed and no rice
    3:45 celery and hummus
    4:30 1 piece of almond flour paleo bread with nuts n more almond butter and 7 MAPs
    6:30- Power Shake
    8:45- sauteed veggies and kidney beans with organic cayenne and Himalayan Sea Salt
    9:15: 5 MAPs
    9:30- Apothe Cherry and 2 astaxanthin
    I was absolutely starving all day and every muscle in my body was sore and needed nourishment so I listened to my body and ate flex foods when I needed them. I weighed in at 207.9 this morning which means I gained 1.3 pounds but I have not done #2 since day 1 so I know I have not “gained” weight I am just carrying around some waste. That combined with the 2.5 gallons of water I drank. It is now past 5pm and my muscles feel great.
    Until tomorrow!