10-Day Celebrity Transformation Round 4 Day 10 Complete!

Good afternoon everyone! This morning marked the end of round 4 day 10 of my hybrid cleanse. Talk about hot outside yesterday! We golfed in blistering heat and humidity and the astaxanthin kept me protected and I drank 6 pints of water while on the course. I brought my L.O.V.E. and Power Shake and blender bottle with me on the course so I stayed nourished. It was an awesome way to spend day 10!
Here is my exercise schedule and food intake for the day:


Round 4 Day 10 Food summary

7:00 7 MAPS and 2 astaxanthin
9:30 LOVE (2 scoops)/Power Shake(2 scoops) 2 astaxanthin, and 7 MAPs
10:00 Played 18 holes in 95 degree heat
11:30 1 scoop power shake in my water bottle, 2 astaxanthin and 7 maps
1:00 LOVE (2 scoops)/Power Shake(2 scoops) and 7 MAPs (I brought everything on the course with me including alkaline water)
2:30 7 maps
5:00 Organic vegetables and organic kidney beans sauteed in organic coconut oil
7:00 Organic carrots and organic hummus
9:00 Apothe Cherry and 2 astaxanthin

Here is my first weigh in and my final weigh in for Round 4:

Round 4 Day 10 Weigh in

To say I am happy with the results of this hybrid cleanse would be a gross understatement. I added muscle to my frame while shredding off fat and I ate normal healthy meals and snacks every day.I have the formula down and will continue this hybrid version for the duration. I am eating a lot of foods every day whenever I am hungry and using the shakes for breakfast and snacks. If you want to lose weight or take your fitness to the next level send me a message!


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