10 Day Celebrity Transformation Round 3 Complete!

Good morning everyone!! Today marks the end of my third 10 Day Celebrity Transformation. I started this transformation at 216.2 lbs and finished this morning at 199.1 which means I dropped 17.1 lbs in TEN DAYS!!

After dropping 17.6 and 17.0 lbs in my last two I didn’t think I had it in me to crack the 17 lb barrier again. I will do some measurements tonight but let me tell you I had to go shopping yesterday to buy shorts because all my shorts need to be cinched up and it looks ridiculous. Not much beats being 37 years old and 6’4″ and wearing a size 33/34 waist pants since I was a 36 in college and in good shape.

Its time to think about what comes next. At this point I am just going to give into the fact that I have never felt so good as I do right now with this nutrition and I am going to incorporate it into my every day life and watch the fat leave and the muscle grow. I know there are quite a few of you reading this every day that have not yet reached out as I was told by a few people yesterday that they had been following and were interested and I had no idea. Do not be afraid to ask questions I am here as a resource for everyone. Have a great day everyone and I will blog again tonight with measurements and pictures!

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