10 Day Celebrity Transformation – After 1 Day

10 Day Celebrity Transformation - After 1 Day

Day 1 is over. The results scream “fat ass”. I remember last time Melanie was pregnant I gained a ton of weight. It’s easy to just eat anything when your spouse is loving chocolate, burgers, and pizza etc. You jump right in alongside them and just eat whatever. I have gained a considerable amount of weight during this pregnancy. After all my previous cleanses I was walking around at roughly 218 with a lot of muscle. Since we got pregnant I’ve not gone to the gym and have been eating poorly. That is life. You work and you spend as much time at home as possible. I get home from work and start playing with my daughter, give her a bath and then she goes to bed. I normally eat dinner after she goes down for bed at like 8:30-9pm. That is a recipe for fatassedness. Would I trade the time I spend with Danielle? No, never. Life throws you situations and you deal with them. That’s why this cleanse absolutely rocks. It’s a quick fix for months of mistakes.

I know I wasn’t properly hydrating or eating right and today marks the single largest one day weight loss to date. My fat ass weighed in at 236.6 lbs yesterday. This morning I weighed in at 229.9. Being hydrated you actually weigh LESS than if you are dehydrated because you won’t carry around bloat and water weight because your body isn’t in danger of dehydration. The body is an amazing thing and if you know how to listen to it you can make some amazingly quick progress. It’s amazing that I have only put on 18.6 lbs in the past 10 months of inactivity but my pictures look like I gained 50. Those pictures of 5 lbs of muscle vs 5 lbs of fat are accurate. Thank GOD I have these products to repair all the damage I do and fix me. Until tomorrow


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