Good morning everyone!I hope you all slept well. Yesterday was day 6 of my third transformation and boy was it a long day! I was working so hard I didnt have any flex foods, I was late on almost all of my aminos and shakes, and it was raining out all day. Uggh. I pushed through and worked on my website last night and as some of you may have noticed its brand new today. I wanted to create something that could showcase not only what I am doing, but what others are doing as well. I now have an interactive blog that people can subscribe to and leave comments, a “User Results” page where people can send me their success stories and I will post them for the world to see, and its going to continue to grow each and every day. I have a super busy day today so I need to keep this short but let me put this out there.. For the last 2 years since my daughter was born, I have been sedentary. The day after my first cleanse I did 15 minutes on my elliptical and was shot. The day after that I did 18 minutes and was like “f&^k this” and haven’t touched the thing since. Last night I was exactly haflway through my third cleanse with no other exercise and check this out..

elliptical results 6-18

I could have gone twice as long but the machine said “2 minute cooldown at 58 minutes and stopped at an hour!!! Woot Woot!! Have a great day!!