Halloween Costume Time is Around the Corner

Good morning! Today is the last Saturday in September. This year is flying by and I was just in the store and noticed that it was full of Halloween AND Christmas decorations. It’s 87 degrees out here in South Florida so the Christmas thing seems beyond ridiculous but the Halloween stuff got me thinking. My how the costumes have changed.

Let me explain. Halloween is a time of parties and trick or treating. Growing up kids chose the costume from their favorite movie or cartoon, dads chose a blue collar worker/king/inmate, etc. Moms always dressed up as witches, movie characters, or male athletes. God I miss those days. These days you can’t see a woman in a costume without the costume being a “sexy” something. To better explain, take any costume and turn it into the version you would see an escort wearing on a date. This isn’t bothersome because its a night of freedom of expression and a time to be able to just let loose and have fun but it seems that regular costumes have gone the way of the Triceratops. That being said, this year I am going to give all of the ladies reading this a leg up on their Halloween costume competition. Want to wear that Sexy Nurse outfit but think things will be stuffed in too tight? No problem.

October Transformation #2 is going to be a 10 Day Celebrity Transformation Group for people preparing to squeeze into that corset or preparing to rock those thigh highs and heels on Halloween. We are going to run this Group simultaneously with the Athletes Group right off the bat in October. This is going to be epic. I cannot wait to see the before and after pics of everyone preparing for Halloween Costumes and then wearing them. There is nothing quite like having a goal in front of you to reach and knowing you have the tools and support to get there is even better.

Until Tomorrow!!


Lets Get Ready for Those Halloween Costumes!

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Halloween Costume

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