My First 10 Day Transformation- Day 7 -

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My First 10 Day Transformation- Day 7


10 Day Celebrity Transformation- Day 7

5/14-End of Day 7 I am stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone today for all of you. I HATE pictures of myself but I am humiliating myself again today to prove to you that what I am doing is real. Morning of day 1 and morning of day 8 pictures. Notice any difference? 1 week. WTF. The number of benefits to this detox are multiplying. I fell asleep before 11 last night and woke up at 6:00 with no alarm feeling fantastic! I can see that the light exercise I did yesterday makes me feel a bit more toned today. The scale is starting to get into that area where it doesn’t matter as much as the measurements. I weighed in at 221.8 which means I lost 1.2 lbs yesterday and brings me to a grand total of exactly 15 lbs in 7 days. To think people used to take 90 days of something like P90X to get results like this on a scale without all of the amazing health and lifestyle benefits is insane! I am thinking that I am going to stay on this on a daily basis until I am shredded. I wish I knew about this years ago. Spending years yo-yo dieting, taking supplements, working out, and doing it all wrong when the key was just ridding my body of processed foods and GMOs. Ahhhhhhh! I am so happy the search is over! If you struggle with your weight, don’t…get on board healthy! Get those processed food toxins and GMOs out of you. Lower your cholesterol, fix your BMI, make life easier on your heart, live longer for your loved ones! I guarantee if you join me that you will be talking about this life change for the rest of your life. I promise. Results do not lie. Ask my boy Socrates Steven Zayas. It was him posting daily just like I am right now with real results and real (humiliating) pictures like mine that got me to take a leap of faith and personally know someone who was seeing the type of results that I wanted to see and I literally owe my life to him. He has gained a new brother for life…and life is going to be LONG! If I motivate even one person to make a life change and get healthy then all this time I spend blogging was worth it. What day is it? Woot Woot!

After 3 Days

After 3 Days

Start vs. After Day 7

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