Boston Car Accident Lawyer Jeff Murad - My Boy

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Boston Car Accident Lawyer Jeff Murad – My Boy


Winter Fender Bender? Boston Car Accident Lawyer Jeff Murad can help.

My Facebook timeline looks like an Ansel Adams picture. There is snow everywhere! Being from Boston I know that this is the time of year when snow and ice can cause a lot of car accidents. I have been letting my Florida friends know about some of the cool places I frequent locally but have not given any advice or suggestions to my people from Braintree / Boston. We had a friend call about an accident a few weeks back from up north and they had asked if we knew anyone from Boston that could help them out. BOOM. My buddy Jeff Murad is THE Boston Car Accident Lawyer. His firm has been going strong for over 50 years right on Beacon St. in the heart of Downtown Boston.

Jeff’s dad Marcel founded the firm in 1965 and they have been helping people ever since. If you need a Boston DUI Attorney, Boston Personal Injury Lawyer, Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer, or Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer you should call Murad Law at 617-315-0016. Jeff and his firm always gave me the guidance I needed when I lived in Boston and having competent counsel it paramount when you are in trouble with the law.

I hope no one I know gets into an auto accident this winter but if they do I hope this blog finds them well as Jeff’s firm has so much experience dealing with these issues that they are the only ones I would trust. If you need a Boston Car Accident Lawyer this winter make Murad Law your first and only call. You will thank me if you do and tell Jeff that Joe Harvey sent you and I am sure if he knows you are my friend that he will give you the friends and family pricing (which we can all use these days).

Alright, back to your Power Shakes and Super Aminos and remember to keep your eyes on the road. The phone can wait until you get where you are going. If someone else hits you from not paying attention remember Boston Car Accident Lawyer Jeff Murad.

Stay Warm,

Jeff’s Contact Info in case you need it:

Boston Car Accident Lawyer

Murad Law

6 Beacon Street, Suite 300
Boston , MA 02108

Phone: 617-315-0016

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